Take control of your rentals

All of your properties in a single property management app. Create properties, invite renters, store documents, collect rent online, and stay organized.

property management app screen

All-in-one app

Zuby lets you create your properties, collect rent online, screen renters, create leases, order maintenance pros and more. All without leaving the app.

Save time, save money

With a property management app that fits in your pocket, you can now manage from anywhere. Our easy-to-use intuitive design is full of automated tools including rent charge creation, dashboards, and reminders to help you get things done quickly and seamlessly.

rental property app screen

Information at your fingertips

No more looking up your renter’s phone number to remind them to pay rent or digging for buried lease agreements. Zuby lets you manage online payments, store documents, and see summarized lease info at the tap of a button.

Professionalize your rentals

Take your rentals business to the next level. Implement tenant screening, require renters insurance, enable automatic late fees and more.