No more checks or transfer limits

Pay your entire rent amount online for free

Just because your landlord still lives in the past doesn’t mean you have to. It’s time to either help them catch up or leave them in the dust. First option – connect to your landlord’s property on Zuby. If your landlord is not yet on Zuby, be a good renter and tell them all about the benefits to them (including the fact that Zuby is free), and invite them to join.

Pay rent for free with a tap of a button

Zuby is here to put an end to rent checks once and for all, by offering free online rent payments. Adding your bank account to Zuby is simple and secure, and in most cases instant. Just remember, an ACH transfer typically takes 4-6 business days.

Split rent with roommates

Invite your roommates to join Zuby, and each of you pays your own portion of the rent.

Automatic reminders

Initiate payment by the due date to pay on time. Don’t worry, we’ll let you know when payments are due and send you reminders so that you are always on track, keeping those late fees in your pocket.

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