Put down that drill, someone can get hurt

Zuby’s got the handyman, cleaners, and movers you need,
when you need them

We’ve all been there before. You have two days to pack up your entire life and move to your new spot, while having to worry about leaving your current place in good shape (must get deposit back), on top of your day job and life’s everyday stresses. Hiring the right movers, cleaners, and handymen can make you (and everyone around you) much happier, and thanks to Zuby, you can now do all of that and more right from your phone.

Zuby’s got what you need

Your 70-inch flat screen can’t hang itself, and even if it could, centering itself is a whole different ballgame. A good handyman would be quite handy in that situation. House cleaning is a ton of fun, right? Wrong. Let someone else have all the “fun”, while you enjoy a clean bathroom. So you must be thinking, wouldn’t it be really cool if there was an app that finds the best local handymen, cleaners, movers, plumbers, electricians, realtors, exterminators, (we can keep going, but you get it) for you, while also letting you pay your rent for free, split rent with roommates, buy renters insurance, and avoid late fees once and for all? It is really cool, and we named it Zuby.

Sometimes you need help, fast

Kind of a first world problem here, but we can all agree that a broken A/C in the summer is a code red emergency. If that ever happens and you feel like taking matters into your own hands (or if your landlord is “so busy” they kindly ask you to please handle), feel free to put Zuby to work for you.

Tell us what and when

Zuby walks you through a few quick and easy steps to make sure we are getting the most qualified pro for your job. Give us a time and date when you are free to meet the pro, then sit back, and relax.

Leave the rest to us

Once we have the details, we get to work. Zuby taps into our network of trusted local pros, and finds a pro that is absolutely qualified, and is available on your specified time. All of our pros are local and highly reviewed. Our pro will then reach out to you to gather any additional info and confirm the appointment prior to their arrival.

No commitment, cancel anytime

Since the pro will reach out to confirm your appointment, you do not have to commit and can always cancel for whatever reason. If you need help with scheduling or with finding another pro, reach out to us at support@getzuby.com at any time.