How to collect payments online with Zuby

Way more than money transfer, Zuby securely collects, tracks, and records every payment

Zuby is here to put an end to all archaic methods of rent payment. Forget about collecting paper checks, taking unnecessary trips to the bank, or making your renters jump through hoops every month. Zuby’s secure online payment system takes the hassle out of rent payment by allowing landlords to collect rent online directly to their bank account. Best of all, it is free for both you and your renters and will keeps you and renters organized, automatically.

How to start collecting rent

Once you create a property on Zuby and enter your lease information, you will be prompted to invite your renters, which will then allow you to securely add a bank account to a specific property via our trusted payment provider Dwolla. Using your lease information, Zuby creates automatic monthly rent payments to be posted to your renters.

Automatic late fees

When you set up your lease you may enter your lease’s late fee policy details, which Zuby will be automatically applied to your renters’ accounts. If your renters don’t initiate a payment by the specified date, your late fee penalty will be added to that month’s rent payment. You can modify your late fee settings in your edit property page, and you can edit individual payments at any time in your payments center.

Move-in costs and custom payments

If you are creating a new lease on Zuby, you can charge your renters for move-in costs such as security deposits, pre-paid rent, and pet fees. Zuby gives you the ability to itemize each line of the move-in costs for transparency and for your records. When the time comes to refund deposits to your renters, you can do so by making a payment to them from your payments center.

Custom payments for move-in costs or other costs can also be created via the payments center at any time, and will be posted to your renters’ account.

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