Collect rent online the right way

Forget about trips to the bank. Take advantage of Zuby's powerful rent payment platform and seamlessly collect rent online with our app.

rent collection app screen

Zuby is a secure rent collection app

We take our app's security very seriously, and our carefully selected payment partners adhere to the most stringent security practices. Dwolla powers our online rent payments and has security in it’s DNA.

Generate automatic rent payments

Tell us your lease start and end dates, rent due date, and rent amount, and Zuby automatically posts monthly rent payments to your renters app.

Move-in costs and other fees

Create move-in costs and other fees

Charge your renters for move-in costs like security deposits, pro-rated rent, pet deposits and pet fees directly in the app. Create custom online payments for any other fees like utility bills and pro-rated rent.

Automatic late fees and reminders

Our app sends payment reminders to your renters well ahead of time, and automatically enforces your late fee policy if need be by automatically adding the late fee amount after the grace period expires.

Block partial rent payment

Choose to allow or block partial rent payment for each of your Zuby properties with the tap of a button.