Landlords, renters – meet Zuby

Zuby helps landlords screen renters, collect rent, create legal documents and much more. Renters can pay and split rent however they wish, even if their landlord is not on Zuby.

What is Zuby?

Zuby makes life easier for landlords who manage their own properties, and for their renters. Zuby is free to use, and offers free rent payment and collection, a variety of professional tools, local home services, and many other benefits.

For Landlords

Screen renters to make sure your property is protected.

Collect rent for free online using bank-level security.

Create lease agreements using our digital legal documents tool.

Order cleaners, handymen, plumbers and other local professionals.

Price your property right using a Zuby rent estimate report.

Get the most out of your rental by keeping track of everything.

For Renters

Pay rent for free or with a credit card, even if your landlord is not on Zuby.

Invite your roommates, split the rent with your own payment method.

Turn on rent reporting and build credit history for paying rent on time.

Put the drill and broom down, order handymen, cleaners and more.

Protect your precious belongings with a Zuby renters insurance policy

Stay on top of things that matter like avoiding late fees.

Get Started with Zuby

Getting set up is quick and easy - landlords create a property, invite renters, assign a bank account, and Zuby takes care of the rest. Renters can join Zuby at any point, even if their landlord is not on Zuby.